60 lb Air Hammer

The 60 lb air jackhammers are heavy-duty pneumatic tools designed for breaking and demolition tasks that require power and precision. These jackhammers are known for their durability and capability to handle the toughest construction, mining, and excavation jobs. The “60” designation refers to the weight range of these tools, with some models falling within the 60 to 90-pound category, indicating their substantial size and robust build.

One of the key advantages of the 60 lb air jackhammers is their efficiency in breaking through hard materials like concrete, asphalt, and rock. Their high impact force and fast reciprocating motion make them indispensable for tasks such as road construction, concrete demolition, and quarry operations. The combination of their weight and pneumatic power ensures that they can tackle even the most stubborn surfaces effectively. 60 lb air jackhammers are heavy-duty tools that excel in demanding construction and demolition projects. Their substantial weight, pneumatic power, and durability make them indispensable for breaking through hard materials efficiently.

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Chicago Pneumatic
CP 1260
27 in
64 lb

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