Rental Period

  • Minimum - 2 hour, 4 hour, or 1 day depending on equipment
  • Day Rate - 24 hours position time / 8 hour run time (Metered Equipment)
  • Week - 7 Consecutive days / 40 hour run time.
  • Monthly Rate - 4 Consecutive weeks / 160 hour run time.

NOTE: All Rentals will be charged for time out, Additional charges for over hour usage.

Renting Requirements

  • Valid Drivers License.
  • We do not accept any ID cards (NO EXCEPTIONS)
  • All renters must be at least 18 years of age are signing a legal contract (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Payment Requirements

  • Payment is required at time of rental is picked up/delivered.
  • We accept cash (deposit may be required).
  • Personal/Business Checks
  • All major credit cards accepted.

Metered Items

  • All rental rates for equipment equipped with hour meters are based on 8 hour per day, 40 hour per week, 160 per month, Additional usage will be charged accordingly.

Availability & Reservations

  • All rentals are subject to availability.
  • We recommend making reservations as far in advance as possible to ensure equipment availability.


  • Prices are subject to change without notice, Plase call for all current pricing.

Delivery and Pick-up

  • We offer Delivery & Pickup at an additional charge. Please call for current rates for your location. All equipment should be placed in a single location convenient for pickup.
  • Any equipment that is delivered must be called off rent by calling the store. We will not pick up any equipment with out it being called off rent, and charges will continue until called off time. (NO EXCEPTIONS)
  • If you prefer to pick up your rental, we do offer trailers for an additional charge.

Customer Responsibility

  • Customers are responsible for all damages caused by misuse of the equipment. Theft while in your position, flat tires, damaged tracks.
  • Addition charges will apply to any thing caused by the end user, outside the scope of normal wear and tear.

After Hours

  • After hours service is available upon request and availability.
  • Additional charges may apply for after hours services.
  • Equipment left after hours will be subject to an additional fee.

Towing Requirements

  • We are required by our insurance company to ensure that the towing capacities of your vehicle and hitch are adequate to tow the intended load.
  • Total weight of equipment, trailer, and accessories must not exceed the vehicle or hitch rated towing capacity.
  • Weight of passengers and any loads inside a vehicle will reduce the amount it can tow.
  • Customers that wish to bring their own trailer may do so but will be responsible for the loading, unloading, and tie down of the equipment. We require that only chains be used to tie down all equipment with a minimum of two chains and one load binder.


Refueling of Equipment

  • Refueling charges will apply to all diesel-powered units, and some gas-powered units.
  • Customer is responsible for refueling all equipment that was delivered to your location.
  • All refueling charges are charged at $7.00 per gallon.

Key Replacement

  • Replacement keys will be charged to the customer at $20.00/key

Service Calls

  • Customers will be charged for negligence of rental equipment.
  • Charges can consist of driving miles, parts, labor, downtime, and more.
  • Customer is responsible for all flats.